Step One: Primary Function 

The first step in decluttering your home and your life is to identify each space's primary function, or unique purpose. In this first article of my series. I discuss how to identify and pinpoint your room's function as well as discussing how we will organize your space with this in mind. 

Step Two: A Cunning Plan

In this second entry of my series of "Becoming Organized," we develop a plan of attack! We walk through detailed schedules, lists and examples. 

Step Three: The Reset Button

The third step in becoming organized involves pressing the proverbial "reset button" on all your spaces, both physical and mental. In this article, we look at how to declutter, clean and organize each and every space in your home and life. 

Part Four: Systems and Routines

The final phase of organization is identifying those problem areas in your home and developing strategies and techniques to help beat them! From dealing with the problems of physical mail to finding a solution to children's toy- for example -  I walk us through strategies to develop routines and lifelong organizational habits!