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My Top 3 Time Blocks

I’m a huge proponent of time blocking (or time batching). After I wrote this post I received so many questions and comments regarding what goes into specific time blocks, that I thought I would jot down my thoughts to share with you today! These time blocks can be slotted into every day, every couple of days, once a week or once a month!

Our Fall Family Bucket List!

I received quite a few requests for me to share our Fall bucket list, so today I thought I would jump on the blog and post it! This is our first time doing a bucket list and I wanted to include as much as possible for us to experience this Fall. Our list includes a mixture of things we’ve done and loved, along with experiences we’ve never had before!

Time Blocking: How To Utilize This Powerful Time Management Tool!

This morning I’m excited to share a post that I’ve been working on for quite some time with you!! One of my favorite organizational tools is definitely time blocking, and utilizing them to create my daily schedule and routines. Today I’m discussing how to use time blocks by identifying your priorities, using fixed and variable blocks of time and working with spreadsheets and planners! Grab a coffee and join me on the blog and be sure to let me know if you use time blocking in your daily routine!

Monthly Budgeting, Yearly Budgeting and Cash Flow: How I Manage Our Finances

Happy Thursday friends! Join me today on the blog and on Instagram LIVE at 1:30PST to discuss all things budgeting and finances! Today I’m sharing what exactly goes into this important part of my morning Household Administration routine. I’m talking, Google sheets for a master yearly budget and Google keep for cash flow! Come hang out for a bit!

The Butler Rises

The topic of butlering and household staff has long since fascinated and intrigued me. About 3 years ago I noticed a trend: a rise in the addition to household staff to homes around both Canada and the United States. I was thrilled when I came across Heather on Instagram, a certified professional Butler! In this special guest post, Heather discusses how she found this unique career, and four key lessons she has learned so far! 

Time to Clean!

How much time does it take you to do a simple or complicated chore? What if you knew exactly how long it would take so it was easier (and sometimes the push you need!) to accomplish it? Join me today as I discuss time management: knowing your numbers for cleaning your home. 

The Art of Saying "No" and Why it Matters

Living a simple and organized life means that sometimes you need to say "No" to things that simply won't fit into it. This morning I'm excited to share a guest article from Krysta Manning from The Thoughtful Mum on prioritizing what's important in your life and becoming comfortable saying "No" and enjoying the freedom that saying that simple word brings. 

Daily Schedules

In this post I share my daily schedule, my secret to success and my top priorities! I also share tips on how to build and maintain your own daily schedule by identifying your priorities, time blocking and making a plan.