An Organized Life
An Organized Life


Why Hello There Friend!

So, you’ve stumbled upon this blog! Awesome! Welcome to the little space that I’ve created, it’s pretty fun here.

Our lives are often busy and chaotic and I wanted to provide a space that not only encouraged and discussed organizational habits and techniques, but also provided a space where simple moments and beauty can be found, savoured and celebrated. Within these pages you will find small moments, motivational words, breaths of fresh air and simplicity. There is no judgement, no hidden motives and no discount codes. Just honesty.

So, how did this all start?

I started documenting my deep love for homemaking and all it entails on Instagram on March 2016 before my daughter Amelia was born. I was blown away by the friendships, love and support I began to receive from strangers around the world and quickly found a community of people who loved the same things that I did. I have truly found, developed and fostered a community of humans that have become incredibly important to me. I started this blog in March 2017 and still refuse to call myself a blogger.

Who am I?

I’m Lauren. I’m a Canadian expat (Guelph what up) living in northern California (#marincounty) with my beautiful British Husband and our daughter Amelia. I call homemaking my profession and calling, and strive to perfect my craft on a daily basis (most of the time coming up short). You will never find me doing sponsored posts or content because it just doesn’t fit who I am.

Currently in love with:

So, the balls in your court! It’s your turn to tell me a bit about yourself. Shoot me an email, join the newsletter, find the secret closed facebook group and start a conversation.

Pitter patter friend,


Simple Joys: Always coffee
Lauren Tucker: An organized Life
Simple Joys: Fresh Flowers and Stillness

Beautiful words from my extraordinarily talented best friend, Caitlyn:

If you asked Lauren to describe herself in one word, she would answer “fastidious”. While that may be a rather complex word, it actually represents her quite perfectly. Fastidious means to be very attentive to and concerned about accuracy, detail and cleanliness – a definition that truly warrants Lauren’s photo beside it in the dictionary.

The best part, though, is that she is the real deal. Those beautiful photos you see on her Instagram feed represent real moments in her daily life. Moments that don’t require endless hours of tidying to capture the perfect photo of a well-designed storage system.

An Organized Life. No staging required.

This is who she truly is and it all started as a teenager when Lauren became aware that she was drawn to spaces with little physical clutter and visual noise. With a natural gravitation towards a minimalist aesthetic and an innate interest in interior design, she discovered that when the space around her was organized, she was able to put her own thoughts in order – to focus and feel more put together. In embracing this, Lauren founded An Organized Life as a way to inspire and bring that same calmness to others.

But this isn’t about preaching a one-size-fits all approach and it certainly isn’t about spending thousands of dollars on expensive systems. Lauren is way too economical and practical for that. In fact, she is on a first-name basis with her local Dollar Store. With a sincere belief that everyone’s definition of organization is true and unique to them, Lauren simply finds joy in helping others figure out what they need in their life to feel organized and calm.  

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