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Good afternoon my friends,

The picture above is shot Tuesday morning. Normally, when we see this kind of view we assume its fog since we're so close to San Francisco and "Karl the Fog" has far reaching hands.

Tuesday morning however, the sight that greeted most commuters on the way into the office was smoke from the fires burning in the counties north of us. 

I'm not going to lie to you, it's been tough and scary in the northern California area. Our neighbours to the north in Santa Rosa, Sonoma and Napa county are under a blanket of fire and smoke. Our town, which is south in Marin county, is under a thick cloud of smoke that reaches out to San Francisco. The smell of smoke is everywhere. Ashes litter the cars and pavement and evacuees are seeking shelter anywhere they can find it. Our heart aches for the families that have lost everything, had to run in the middle of the night to escape a ferocious fire and try and flee to safety. To the farmers that have lost crop and animals, the wineries that have lost everything and everyone who has lost their home. And, most importantly our hearts go out to the families that have lost loved ones.

One instagram friend describes the chaos in Santa Rosa as "the apocalypse", and, judging by the images and video I've seen I would have to say that it's an accurate statement. 

If you're in the Santa Rosa area or Sonoma and Napa counties and need help please message me and we will try and help whatever way we can. Our thoughts are with you, please stay safe.

Comprehensive information can be found at NYTimes


San Francisco under smoke 

San Francisco under smoke