An Organized Life Updates!

Good afternoon beautiful friends!

I thought I would jump on my blog quickly today. It feels like I haven't blogged in a year and in reality it's only been a couple of days.

Some of you may notice that I haven't done a 'Monday Communiqué' post for a couple of weeks now, and that in general my posts have slowed down. For that I apologize. Life has taken over and I've found myself with a full plate. From the anxiety over forest fires down the street to severe illnesses in our extended family, planning and organizing birthday celebrations to baby showers, I just haven't had the alone time I need to sit down at my computer and write content that I feel will be valuable to you. Even my first true social love, Instagram and I haven't had the quality time together that I would normally devote to it (love you forever Insta). 

In the next couple of weeks you may see me slowing down completely and only posting once a week. Once things slow down and I reclaim some of my early morning time I hope to be able to write and share more. 

In the meantime just know that I'm still here. Writing when I can, posting photos and (hopefully!) inspiration to Instagram and Facebook, and probably on Pinterest looking for new recipes to try out this week.