Amanda's Top Tips

Establish a Morning Routine

Morning and night I have mapped out what needs to be done for our days to go smoothly. I like to wake up an hour earlier to get myself showered and ready for my day, and then I will wake my daughters at 7AM. I like to have everything in order so they know what they need to do:

  • Make bed
  • Eat breakfast
  • Brush teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Hair 
  • Pack school bag
  • Shoes and socks
  • Glass of water 
  • Leave for school!

Everything has set times and keeping a strict schedule allows our morning to run smoothly. I have also established a night time routine that I am excited to share with you on a future post!

Less Is Best

  • Less toys, less to pack away
  • Less clothes, less to choose from
  • Less furniture, less to dust and clean
  • Less mess, more family time!

This is what we live our lives by! The less clutter in your life whether it be visual, mental or personal, the less stress and work you will have to employ. Instead of spending the weekends tidying our home, we have the time to relax and enjoy family!

My Organizational Tips

  • Once I'm awake I - get up, make my bed and open the windows. That way my bedroom is always tidy.
  • I shower and get dressed straight after doing our bed, otherwise my day drags out and I look like a hot mess if someone was to knock at my door.
  • Once I've finished using something, I pack it away in its place straight away. Otherwise it just never gets done and will get shoved where it doesn't belong.
  • I do a load of washing everyday no matter how big or small. It's less to do tomorrow.
  • I always set out your clothes and childrens clothes on the bed for the next day, it allows our mornings to run smoothly.
  • I always do a tidy up before leaving the house to make sure everything is in its place and dishes are put away. It feels so much better to come home to a clean home.
  • I always make lunches for my family the night before. It's one less thing to do in the morning.

Have fun with your life. Do what you love and want to do and never feel like you have to explain yourself or your choices to others. People are all about bigger and better. Be about family. Be about love. Be about experiences. 

Until next time,


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Amanda is an extremely busy mom of two beautiful girls (one of whom is incredibly busy herself with swimming and dancing!) Amanda balances her home business as a hairdresser with instructing ballet as well as running her household beautifully! To say that she is a busy mommy is an understatement! To connect with Amanda and follow along on her journey, you can find her on Instagram!

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