Organizing Athletes - Part 2


Once there is a plan in place it is mandatory to communicate efficiently and regularly. That means that the skaters have to converse with me about how they are feeling both physically and mentally. If they are injured I need to know so that I can adjust our training both on and off ice to avoid further injury. I need to communicate that to the off ice trainers and physio team so that we can get the athlete back on track and healthy as soon as we can. If the skater has had a bad day at school I need to know this before we get started on our daily training because it can affect their focus which in turn will affect their success that day on the ice. Sometimes this requires stepping back and spending the training day on smaller goals or elements that have already been mastered to ensure that we do not set up a negative domino effect.

Next up in this 5 part series will post tomorrow - Part Three - Keep Track! 


Karen Preston


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