Build Better Relationships

It's early on a Saturday morning and you climb out of bed and make your way downstairs. Taking a deep inhale you smell the aroma of coffee and survey the space around you. Dishes are put away, all the surfaces are clear and there is no physical or visual clutter to be seen. Smiling you make your way back upstairs with two cups of coffee - one for you, and one for your significant other and enjoy the morning dreaming together of the future. 

It's a normal week day morning and you're getting your child up and ready for school. When you walk into your his/her room you don't trip over legos, Sophie the giraffe or an American Girl doll. You pull back the curtains to reveal a clear space, with toys and books put away and clothing ready to go for the day. Your sweet child wakes up and is excited to see your relaxed face gazing down at him. You help him get ready for school, and even have a couple of minutes to play with some musical instruments. 

It's a Friday afternoon and you're excited to be able to spend time with a girlfriend. You climb into your car after a long day of work and inhale the aroma of lavender. Switching your engine on your favorite radio station jumps into action, playing one of your favorite songs. The car is clean, clutter free and ready to take you on your way. You arrive to your dinner feeling relaxed and energized. 

Its another Monday at your office and your boss walks over to your desk. She has several questions around a project you've taken on, and would like a breakdown of its progress. You quickly access the folder on your desktop with all pertinent information along with the detailed action plan you created when you first started working on the project. Printing out the action plan you hand it to your boss and discuss how pleased you are with its progress. 

Because you are organized, because you have taken steps to make sure everything's running smoothly, the interactions you have with everyone surrounding you are increasingly more relaxed, happy and calm. 

Yours in serenity,