Costco Top 10

I love the idea of getting some of my groceries from Costco - buying in bulk to stock up (I shop for the ‘in-between items’ from somewhere such as Trader Joes or Wholefoods) AND save the pennies. Yet every time I arrive, I feel overwhelmed by the size of the place and the amount to choose from. I always enjoy recommendations from friends, so in return, I’m sharing a list of my top 10 everyday items – my ‘go to’ list!

Organic Del Rey Farms Avocadoes 

We eat avocados every day in this house – I sometimes use them for baby food mixed with bananas, mango or apple (up until the baby refused purees), or with chili, in tacos, in a sandwich or just on a piece of toast. They always seem to be perfect – I stick them in the fridge just as they turn ripe then use within a few days.

Classic Baby Creamers

These potatoes taste great, require no peeling or washing and come in a manageable 5lb bag.

Kirkland’s own Nut Bars with Almonds and Cashews (30)

So great to throw in your handbag for when you get the attack of the munchies. These taste very similar to Kind Bars (maybe even better) but cost 50 cents a bar rather than $1.

Concerto Grape Tomatoes

Great for snacking, tacos, wraps and salads (and the beach).

Donsuemor Madeleines

These are a real treat for lunch boxes and of course my afternoon cup of tea! The large box keeps me going a couple of weeks.

La Breya Bread

This is really good, so tasty warmed in the oven – crusty small loaves great for sandwiches. They freeze well, which is important as there’s 12 of them in total.

Kirkland’s Own Pesto

You can buy just one fairly small (by Costco standards) jar! The basil is grown in Liguria where the unique soil, sea air and mild climate creates a mild sweet basil perfect for pesto – maybe a bit technical but it sounds good! I freeze this in ice cube trays as I don’t get through it fast enough.

Milk - 2 gallons for only $5.19.

We have no problem getting through this amount of milk in our household. The organic milk is also good value compared to other stores (approx. $10 for 2 gallons).

Organic Eggs - 24 large for $5.99

These take us less than a week to get through as I love making poached eggs for breakfast, omelettes and frittatas – a great way to use up vegetables and a great finger food for babies/kids.

Pink Lady organic apples - $7.49 for 12.

My daughter isn’t a great fruit eater but loves these and eats them every day – “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”…

I usually add to this with all sorts of other things (including recommended wines, baby/kids clothes, beach tent, beach chairs (yes I spend a lot of time at the beach!) but these are the main items I buy on most visits. I’d love to hear recommendations from others of what they can’t live without from Costco! Comment bellow and let me know!


This guest post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Costco