Monday Communiqué: 04/17/2017

Hop Hoppity Hop

The Easter bunny has come and gone, and Amelia enjoyed her first ever Easter egg hunt (we enjoyed it, Amelia wanted to eat the grass) (which is understandable). Our little family enjoyed a quiet Sunday lunch, had a lot of play time, planned for the future and spent some quality husband wife time with a movie night (and candy). We're entering this new week feeling a bit more rested, energized and looking forward to some of our play dates and classes starting up again! How was your Easter? 

Podcast Love

Housewifery - Big shout out to Housewifery who are in the middle of re-doing their recording studio right now! Check out their Instagram to see a picture of the studio nearing the end of their renovations! (I'm in love with that wall color!)  Excited for these ladies to come back with their next episode <3

The Simple Sophisticate - Can I recommend Shannon Ables enough? Nope, nope I can't (Check our her website, the book and the podcast you will absolutely be in love with her too!) This week on her podcast Shannon gives us "10 style tips to embrace the french woman's approach  to effortless chic". Yes, you will absolutely love this episode!

Awesome Reading

I stumbled upon this amazing blog  "Mama, Papa, Bubba" and I'm pretty excited about it! If you're looking for play ideas for your kids, crafts, sensory activities, learning games, food... basically anything and everything to do with kiddos you must check out this site!

Monday Musings  

It's sometimes surreal to take a step back and see how your life is moving forward. I had a moment last week to sit in a coffee shop by myself writing and Amelia was in a play group for the first time. I would never of imagined this moment 9 or 10 months ago. I had a very difficult birthing experience and several months following which I won't go into here (maybe that's a future post!) but when I was in that moment 10 months ago I thought that was going to be the rest of my life. And that was a scary scary thought to me. 

Fast forward to last week with a HOT cup of coffee, writing for my blog, my 'Calm' app playing in my head phones and Amelia playing in another space, I was reminded that these moments that we are in are fleeting. Although sometimes you feel that the space you are in will last forever, it will end. I've done a lot of self discovery in the last couple of weeks which have truly allowed me to heal and move forward. I see now the beauty in those moments that were fleeting. My baby girl will never be a baby again. I will never hold her like I did, supporting her neck and head, during those first several months of her being on this planet. Her 'firsts' - the rolling over, crawling, walking holding only one hand, eating her first foods and so many other first moments will not happen again. I now look to the present and savor those firsts that are still happening with joy, and I truly look forward to the firsts that have yet to come.

I am constantly reminded of this lesson of change. That things will move forward, and that I need to sit in whatever state I'm experiencing, feel it fully and enjoy it. 

I hope you have a lovely week,


Sharing a couple of pictures from our weekend! Lovely fresh veggies for our meal prep, the candy spread from our movie night and some pictures of our Easter adventures!