Monday Communiqué: 04/24/2017

Monday Communiqué: 04/24/2017

Good Morning! 

Good morning and happy new week to you! How was your weekend? I spent mine checking off my tasks for cleaning, enjoying some amazing sushi with our best friends, relishing in some Husband and Wife alone time, planning for our future, celebrating some milestones for Amelia and all-in-all appreciating simplicity throughout our day. 

On the Blog this Week

I'm excited to get some new posts up this week! I've cleared out my cleaning schedule for the next couple of days and eagerly anticipate some quality writing time during my #naptimehustle! 

Wednesday - I'm thrilled this Wednesday to be sharing a piece by Kim Galeta on Budgeting - Why everyone needs a budget, how to create one, and (sometimes most importantly) how to stick to one! Join me with a cup of coffee on Wednesday afternoon and dive into this article, you will NOT be disappointed! 

Thursday - This week marks the first in a mini series that I have created entitled "Becoming Organized". For this post I'm discussing identifying your spaces basic state of being and basic function. I hope you enjoy this series! I have received so many enquiries on how people can get organized and live minimally, this series should help serve as your navigation through organization, simplicity and minimalism.

Friday - 10 Minute Organization - This week I will be continuing in the kitchen and tackling dishes and glassware! Set your timer and get ready for that!

An Organized Life: Q&A - I will be accepting questions over the next week and will be publishing all answers on the Blog the first week of May. Direct message, comment below or email in your questions. This is a totally open question period, so if you've had a burning question for me in regards to who I am, where I came from, why I appear to be in love with the color white or what have you, ask away!

Exciting Articles and News

Leo Babauta is sharing 'The 5 Keys to Forming Any Habit' which is a fantastic read! Check out this article for some tips on creating and sticking to habits in your life.

The lovely Erin Hendirckson over at Minimalist RD has a fantastic series on the 'Sustainable Kitchen' Check it out for some inspiration on how to make your kitchen more sustainable.

Charlene at 'Teacher by Trade, Mother by Nature' is sharing part 2 of her series 'Konmari with Kids: Paper - Part 2  School Memorabilia' a fantastic series on organizing your kids (constantly incoming) paper's! 

Marie Kondo - If you're interested in becoming a Marie Kondo consultant her next seminar is being held in Chicago and it's already sold out. There is a seminar in New York and also one in Los Angeles which is currently open for registration. I'm not a consultant but if she ever comes back to the San Francisco area I would totally go just to learn as much as I possibly could from her! (and meet her. Seriously just kind of stare at her and say "teach me all Obi-Wan")

Video of the Week

Ted Talks - Check out this video from Matthieu Ricard, a buddhist monk and photographer, who dives into the topic "The Habits of Happiness". Take some time out of your day today or this week, grab a coffee or tea and enjoy this Ted Talks video. 

Podcast Love

I've got 3 new Podcast episodes to listen to today and I'm pumped!

Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher - "Creating Unforgettable Client Experiences". I love this Podcast because its so incredibly positive and she has some amazing ideas! I'm not selling anything (lol I have no product) but I still really enjoy listening to this!

The Simple Sophisticate by Shannon Ables - "Dream First, Then Plan" - So excited to tune in to this episode!

The Minimalist Mom's Podcast - "Minimizing Your Schedule" - This podcast is a relatively new one to me and I'm excited to dive into this episode and past! 

Some pictures from our weekend!  I'd love to see some pictures from your weekend! Comment bellow, email or post them on Instagram or Facebook and tag me!

Our Baby girl has her own space now! More of this story on the Blog this week!

An Amazon order I have been eagerly anticipating! I'll be sharing more about this on Instagram and Facebook this week!

One of my favorite pictures to share is my fridge on a Sunday after it has been cleaned out, grocery shopping has been done and meal prep is completed for the week!

Look at this beautiful creature! Long neglected but never forgotten, this beautiful building is close to our home on a Military base that is no longer operational. We love going up to this area for family walks and to marvel at the buildings that have been decomissioned!