Bathroom Organization and Cleaning Tips

The bathroom is a special place in your home, which is mostly wet and it takes more special care. You need to sanitise it on regular basis, in order to prevent it from mildew and mould. It is always nice to take a hot water shower after the hard day at work. The bathroom is your private intimate place. Keep it in a top condition easily, without using the commercial expensive chemicals. Organize the bathroom in a way, which it will fit to your needs and you will stop with the endless “bombing” of shampoos and shower gels.

A nice bathroom is nothing, if it is covered with dirt, mildew and hairs. Moreover, the excellent bathroom even provides more classy look of your home. Imagine only to have nice fragrant sticks and candles, while you are lying in the tub. Even the thought of it provides you with peace of mind. The relaxing atmosphere is possible in every bathroom. This article will provide you with some useful tips of how to sanitise and organise your bathroom in the most efficient way.

If the toilet and the bathroom are sharing one premise, then start with sanitising of the toilet. Just apply soda on the surface of the toilet and scrub it with the toilet brush. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse. The soda will deodorize, whiten and disinfect. For the final touch, you may use the juice of a lemon and apply it on the surface. This will provide the toilet with fresh smell and shining look. Don’t forget to also clean the areas around the toilet and its lid.

Then, you need to sanitise the drain in the bathroom. It is exposed on so much bacteria and grime, and it may even get clogged by hairs. Pour 1 liter of hot water in it. Then directly into it, pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. It will dissolve every dirt and debris, and all the bacteria will be exterminated.

Then continue with the washing of the tiles. Scrub the tiles with mixture of 1 glass of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of borax and 1 liter of hot water. After your tiles are sanitised, take the toothbrush and go for the grouts. It is hardly reachable place, but the toothbrush will tackle with this task.

The mirror is easily sanitised. You just wipe it with free-linen cloth, soaked in isopropyl alcohol. It will leave no streaks and you will have shining mirror. The mineral build ups on the metal part of the shower will be gone with the use of white vinegar. Then put the final touch by utilizing lemon juice as suggested by New Cross Happy Pro Cleaners. It will look like it has never been used!

Now, when your bathroom is clean and sparkling, it is time to organize all of your cosmetic products in a way, that will serve you best. The most practical is to use cupboard. In your choice of bathroom furniture, avoid wooden material. Better go for something practical and easy to clean. There you can arrange your cosmetics and bathroom accessories. This will save you from scrubbing soapy residues and falling bottles.

You may use also plastic basket in order to sort out your bathroom stuff or you just arrange the towels in the cupboard. The bathroom drawers of your cabinets can be used to store your make-up and beautifying instruments.

Don’t underestimate the advantage of having nicely organized cupboard. This will save you unpleasant experience in the morning and the risk of being late for work. It is so easy to have the relaxing bathroom of your dreams. Just organise yourself and start with doing the same in your bathroom. You will feel the delight every time when you enter the bathroom. 

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