The Side Effect of Simplicity

Sit with me and dream for a moment. 

I want you to imagine that it's an early Saturday morning. The air is crisp and the sun is slowly starting to rise as you slowly make your way out of your warm bed. You grab your robe which you've placed at the bottom of your bed and envelope yourself in its soft white terry cloth. Opening your bedroom door, you pad softly down the stairs and into the kitchen, where the automatic coffee maker has already prepared a steaming hot pot of your favorite coffee. You reach into your cabinet and select one of your favorite mugs for yourself and another for your significant other and enjoy the sensation of pouring the hot liquid gold into the two waiting cups. You place both on a small tray along with some fresh strawberries you grab out of the fridge and start making your way back upstairs. Before you turn the corner, you look back and take in the clean kitchen staring back at you. The absence of crumbs on the countertop, utensils out of sight in the sink and cooking devices on the countertop surface. You take in the morning sunlight that has started to creep through the kitchen window and know that everything is where it should be. You turn smiling and go back up the stairs to join your partner for a couple of minute's solitude in bed with coffee before your day begins.

How awesome did that sound? Does it sound like a fantasy? What if I told you that if this is the life that you wanted, you could absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt make it happen? This is my morning, every weekend. Sometimes life gets in the way but 9 times out of 10, this is what my Husband and I are enjoy each and every Saturday and Sunday and all it takes, is a little preparation and a little planning.  

The Side Effect of Simplicity

A side effect of living a simple life is the amount of quality time you can spend with your partner, children, family, pets etc. When you eliminate the constant tending to the objects in your life, the constant tidying, maintenance and cleaning, you are left with room to actually enjoy and live in your space. Simplicity isn't about depriving yourself of things that you want, it's about being able to stop and recognize the things that you don't want, to appreciate the things you already have and to enjoy the people and the moment instead of the things. 

This week I encourage you to try it. Try to simplify one area of your home or life. Purge your kitchen or bathroom and create an oasis and give yourself that space that you deserve. Take away the feeling of having to tend to possessions and instead tend to the people in your life. And (of course!) in the comments and on social media let me know how it goes!