My Fitness Tracker!

Hello friends!

Today I’m sharing my daily fitness tracker! I wanted to create something that not only allowed me to track my measurements and goals, but was also positive and uplifting to look at (and lets be honest, reminded me of my budgeting worksheet lol!). So I created this tracker to keep me accountable and motivate me!

I’ve created a template that you can view, and (hopefully?!) copy and paste it onto your own spreadsheet and customize it for you and your goals! Let me know if you enjoy it and its working for you!

Some Notes on my health and fitness journey!

  • I use FREE YouTube videos from Blogilates (T/Th,Sa) and Yoga With Adriene (M/W/F). Not only have I found amazing results with these two exercises, but most importantly I ENJOY doing them! When you’re looking for exercises or workouts, experiment with as many as you can to discover what you actually enjoy doing! You’re 100% more likely to do a workout if you enjoy doing it and look forward to it! For me, it was important to find exercises with minimal equipment. Especially with yoga, I just focused on my mat, strap and yoga blocks.

  • The food we eat is extremely important to me and our family. I eat a large plant based breakfast (beans, tomatoes, mixed veggies, mixed micro greens, flax, Chia, and at least an apple). A smoothie bowl or smoothie for lunch and then a medium sized dinner. 4/7 dinners are normally plant based , and the remainder will have a small portion of meat or seafood. 

  •  - Amelia eats whatever the heck she wants to eat  I’m just pumped that she’s eating!



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