How To Achieve An Organized And Clutter Free Bedroom

Happy Friday friends! Today I'm excited to introduce you to our next guest contributor for the month of July, Katie! Katie is joining us today to discuss 7 ways to organize and clear your bedroom of clutter. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to Katie!

The bedroom is the place where you will see your inner peace. It is where you can relax and forget how cruel the world is. A relaxing and pampering bedroom will get those negative vibes away. A soft bed, calming paint, adequate lights, and a little greenery make up a perfect bedroom. The only enemy of every bedroom is clutter. You cannot relax, and work well if these things are in your bedroom. It is the first thing you can see in the morning and last thing you see before you drown into your dreams. It should be a space that is organized, appealing, and welcoming.

If you see that your bedroom needs organization then you need the following tips to have a clutter-free bedroom:

Fix your bed

First things first, after you woke up, make your bed. It would only take a minute of your time. Get up, straighten your pillows, pull up the sheets and smooth out your blanket. A clean looking bed let you have more space.

Organizing your bedroom

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Sort out your closet

After you fix your bed, the next thing you should do is to conquer your closet. First, get rid the things you don't need. Clothes and shoes you no longer wear just adds to the clutter. Get rid of all the things that do not belong to your bedroom. Arrange your clothes depending on the season. Buy a shoe rack, wall-mount shelves, and closet organizers. A good way to start organizing.

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Purge unused things

Getting rid of the things you no longer need is hard but it is the only way to organize easily. In fact, you should do this when you’re organising and designing your home. Gather all the things you no longer need, use or love. You can have a garage sale or give it to those people who most needed those things. It could be books you've already read, clothes and shoes that don't fit anymore.

Organized Bedroom - An Organized Life Guest Post

Use the space under your bed

Most of the bed around the world have a big space underneath. Right? Some may even have the built-in storage area. You can arrange your shoes, linens, sporting equipment and much more. It is also best to store them first in clear storage boxes so you can easily see them.

Organized and Clutter Free Bedroom!

Use your closet doors

Don't forget your closet doors. You can hang your hats, belts, jackets, scarves, and much more. You only need to install some hooks. Viola! You now have a storage in your closet doors.

Make a home for your accessories

If you have a collection of jewelry, you can store them in a jewelry box. You can also show it off by putting it in a pegboard. It can also be hung on the wall.

Design your dresser top

Your dresser top can be one of those clutter catchalls. Don't let it happen! Put a beautiful vase or decorative boxes on the top to corral small items. In that way, your dresser will be clutter free, as well as your whole bedroom.


Those are the 7 tips you should consider to achieve a clutter-free bedroom. A bedroom should be organized and clean. It's great to start and welcome every day with a relaxing bedroom, It will also grasp all the positive vibes and positive energy.

How do you organize your bedroom to create a feeling of tranqulity and calm? Let us know in the comments!

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