My Top 4 DIY Cleaning Recipes (And Printable!)

Today I'm sharing the 4 main DIY cleaners that I use in my home, along with their printable labels!

Just before we begin please remember to view the "Please Note" section at the bottom of this page for general information and instructions. 

All Purpose Bathroom Spray

I use this on toilets, faucets, counter tops and cabinet doors.



  • Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and gently shake to combine

  • Spray on to surface (I use this on toilets, faucets, counter tops and cabinet doors) and allow mixture to sit for 1-2 minutes. Then, taking a damp cloth simply wipe away! For stubborn stains allow mixture to sit for another couple of minutes and scrub (I use this brush!)

Disinfectant Spray

I use this to disinfect door handles, toys, children's work surfaces etc. 



  • Pour the alcohol, then essential oil in spray bottle and shake well. Then add the 1/2 vinegar followed by water and shake to combine.

  • To use, shake mixture and spray onto any surface you wish to disinfect. I allow the disinfectant to sit for 2 - 3 minutes and then wipe off with dry microfiber cloth.

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Glass and Mirror Spray

I use this to clean windows and mirrors.


  • 1/2 cup of alcohol

  • 1/2 cup of distilled white vinegar

  • Fill with water


  • Combine the alcohol and white vinegar in a spray bottle and then fill with water. Shake to combine ingredients.

  • I use this cleaner on mirror and glass. Simply spray on and wipe with a cloth. I use a dish cloth as I find that it leaves zero streaks.

Shower Cleaner

I use this spray to clean sinks, toilet bowls, showers and tubs. 

Please note: This is an incredibly simple and effective recipe. Be warned that it this cleaners aroma is INTENSE. You can add 30-40 drops of peppermint essential oil to make reduce the smell of the vinegar. This is truly my miracle cleaner. It can get grout sparkling white, remove stains from bathtubs and work wonders in glass paneled showers! 



  • Gently shake the bottle and spray onto surface. I allow the mixture to sit for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing hard with my round brush. After scrubbing rinse and you should have a very clean surface!

Please Note

  • I use different brushes for toilet and multipurpose to avoid cross contamination.

  • PLEASE do a spot test before cleaning entire surfaces! Especially if you have any natural counter tops or floors!

  • These recipes work incredibly well for me and our home. That being said this may not be the best recipe for YOUR home. I encourage you to seek out more information to find natural alternatives for cleaning your space!

  • Sometimes the one downside to using natural cleaners is that you may need to use more elbow grease. Instead of spraying a Clorox product onto (for example) grout and the cleaner working on contact, using a natural alternative will yield the same results IF you put your muscle behind it and scrub.

  • In no way am I demanding that you switch your store bought cleaning products over to natural natural DIY solutions. Find what works for YOU and your family!

  • I ALWAYS shake (gently or firmly) to combine ingredients in the spray bottle each time I use my cleaners and I recommend you do the same. Especially with the essential oils you want to ensure that the oil is mixing with the other products and your not just spraying essential oil directly on a surface.

  • I am in no way an expert at this! I continue to learn about natural cleaning and will always be working on my recipes and tweaking them!

To use these labels, click to download the document. Then print on Avery full sheet white labels sticker paper, cut labels out and stick onto spray bottles.

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