Q&A With Rachel Bies

Today I’m excited to introduce you to Rachel Bies! Rachel is a nutritionist, foodie and amazing mom based out of Toronto, Canada.

So excited to have you here Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself and 'Rachel Bies Nutrition'!

Hello Lauren/AOL thanks so much for having me! Well coles notes. I was in fashion for years (still love), had an accident that left me with major burns all over face and chest. Decided to find an alternative to pills. Healed myself with an aloe plant. Registered that year to Applied Nutrition. I've always been in the kitchen and obsessed with food BUT wanted the science and WHY behind it too. RBN came after I completed and we help people LIVE, EAT and FEEL better. NOT with rigorous rules or diets but with real FOOD thats sexy and fun. ALSO a good cheeseburger never hurt anyone.

Rachel Bies Nutrition

How do you organize your kitchen to maximize its efficiency?

Ha well we watch YOU for tips. BUT ideally I keep smaller appliances and items near the place of usage. Blendtec in corner and above is all ,my smoothie powders and attachments. Fridge is organized by date of prep. SPICES - well I need you to come do this! LOL TRY to keep dishes done same day (although being a single mama sometimes that goes out the window).

Kitchen organization

You are a entrepreneur with an incredibly busy plate (including a beautiful baby boy!) how do you find balance throughout your day?

Oh my little mini is the best BUT doesn't allow too much balance quite yet LOL BUT I'm recently try to get back to some balance-ish habits. First nap - I enjoy my coffee and emails. Bedtime - is some stretching, a call/dinner and a glass of wine to end my day. Recently adding more ONLINE presence and coaching to my business SO I CAN WORK FROM ANYWHERE! I think if I can build that piece while I raise mini then I can have a bit of a break in the near future (IE: balance)

What's the best piece of advice you could give someone who is looking to improve their diet and live a healthier life?

START Slow. There’s no magic advice. It takes small steps and seeing what works FOR YOU. My first tip is a food journal. ODDS are you aren't drinking enough water AND might have some digestive issues. I don't like to inundate anyone with 75 new foods or supplements. TOP 3 starters; Drink more water. Take a good quality probiotic. Take 5-10 minutes in the morning or night JUST TO BE - even if that means hiding in the pantry from your kids LOL.

What are the most influential and life changing books (or articles!) you've ever read?

OH man. I read a lot. Its changed since being a mom from books to lots of blurbs and articles. KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL - is still one of my favourite BTS gritty food/industry books. ANYTHING Michael Pollan (great food writer) and then recently into more spiritual and I guess self-improvement books as I get older and want to be the best version of me for my kiddo.

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Rachel Bies Nutrition