The Key to My Organized Life

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Happy Monday friends!

Today, I’m discussing something I talk a lot about on Instagram: #resets . They are truly the secret sauce to my organized home, and without them I would feel ungrounded. I like to think of them as almost my anchors throughout the day, things that signal an end to one part of my day and the beginning of the next.

Resetting spaces are not about deep cleaning them, re-organizing them or purging them (although that may be a by product of it!). Space resets are about returning a space to its natural state. Everything is put away where it belongs, counters are clear, dishes put away , blinds open (or closed if its a night reset) and you’re leaving a room in the same way (or better off!) then you found it.

After some time, resetting your spaces will become a habit and you will notice it takes less and less time to get a room back up to snuff.

So without further ado, here are my routines to #reset my space!

Morning Reset: 10 minutes

I also call this “opening the house”. Throwing open the drapes, opening the windows (especially in the spring and summer months) and welcoming a new day.

  • Make bed and open blinds (master bedroom).

  • Help Amelia make her bed (she is currently learning how to make her own), open her blinds turn off fan and sound machine.

  • Pick up any clothing on floor and put in hamper.

  • Quick wipe down with wet face cloth of bathroom counters, return any items that have not been placed back in their proper place.

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Kitchen Reset: 10 minutes

The kitchen reset is done after each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and is part of my #cleankitchenatnight

  • Wash, dry and put away dishes. I prefer to do this by hand so it’s done and dusted.

  • Return appliances to where they belong (most are in cabinets)

  • Wipe down countertops and kitchen table with spray and microfiber cloth. I use my natural cleaner: water with a couple drops Dr. Bronner’s castile soap and orange essential oil.

  • AM: Set coffee for the morning to brew at 5:15AM

  • PM: Prep smoothie and lunch for my Husband for the next morning. Prep yumbox for Amelia (if necessary)

  • Sweep the floor (if necessary)

  • Wipe down appliances (if necessary)

Kid Resets: 15-30 minutes

We usually use Amelia’s space in the kitchen and the den as primary learning and play zones. After using these spaces at the end of the day we do a quick tidy of toys and supplies and return the space to its proper state. This sometimes will take the full 30 minutes since I’m tidying with Amelia and she needs help and motivation.

  • Pick up toys and put in proper baskets and bins

  • Put away books

  • PM: Roll up rug in kitchen

  • Put away any teaching supplies (me)

  • Hang up any new art on the wall in the kitchen

Night Time Reset: 15-30 minutes

I also call this “shutting down the house”. This is when I want to get the house ready to envelope everyone in sleep, quiet and restoration.

  • Kitchen reset (or #cleankitchenatnight )

  • Laundry is put in washing machine with delay start to 3:00AM (cheaper energy) on Sunday night, Tuesday night and Thursday night.

  • Couch cushions put back in order.

  • Drapes are drawn and beds are turned down.

  • Water placed on bedside tables

  • Humidifiers filled if necessary

  • Towels ready for next morning, and Amelia’s bath set up for bath time routine.

Thinking of making your own version of a #reset? Do it! I suggest you start with the kitchen, which in my opinion is the most used room of the house. Write down what you need to do at the end of each meal or day to make that room (and you!) feel clean, tidy and ready for the next round of cooking? Can you incorporate your family to help? Then start implementing your new routine after meal times! It will take time, but I promise you that it will make a huge difference to your life and home. If you try it let me know in the comments or email me!


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