Organizing Athletes - Part 4

Practice and Preparation

I know that sounds simple but let me explain. Practice really needs to refer to everything. Practice in the outfit, practice doing the makeup, practice the 6 minute warm up, practice the off ice warm up, practice the entrance and exit to the ice surface. Practice at the same time of day that the competition is being held at. In sport we call this practice and we simulate the competitive environment. We even bring judges in beforehand to do trial program run throughs. Now translate this to the business world. If you have a big business presentation set for 2 weeks from today’s date at 11am. Practice for it. Try on clothes that make you feel confidant, choose the most comfortable and professional outfit. Now that you know what you will be wearing practice giving the presentation to the mirror at 11am, not 7pm when you are already exhausted from your regular workday. Simulate everything from the day that will help you create a successful outcome.

Karen Preston


Two Time National Champion of Canada

Professional Figure Skating Coach

Owner of Blooms and Branches By Karen Preston