Google and Organization

I'm not sure when I started using Google exclusively for my own (and my family's) schedules and planning, but it works so seamlessly in my life that I thought I would discuss it today with you!

1) Calendar

I have used every form of calendar imaginable. From bullet journals to handmade planners; specialized apps to FiloFax—there is nothing I haven't tried. After working with all these types of calendars and planners, I have found the easiest way for me to manage my day is Google Calendar. This app synchs to my desktop, phone and Ipad, is customizable (to a degree) and allows me to share my calendar with my husband and vice versa. 

2) To Do List

Like my calendar experimentations, I have also experimented with keeping track of to do lists. I've tried paper planning (post its, binders, journals, notebooks) and online apps and tools (Evernote, Apple Reminders, to do apps). I have settled into, what I think, is a combination of both. Using Google Docs I write down my to do list with simple daily headings. I type Monday to Sunday on my sheet, and then add my tasks for that day as I go through my week. I then use the 'strikethrough' function when I have completed a task. 

3) Goals

I would feel lost without a set goal list that I could refer to as I go about my day. I have developed one master goal list in Google Docs, and have created mini goals to accompany each. I have broken down my goal list into a monthly format—so I know what I need to focus on each month to ultimately reach my goal. 

No matter what system you use, find something that works for you and that you can customize to make your own. I continue to tweak my systems to make them suit our family and love finding new ways to plan! 

Productively yours,