10 Minute Organization: Cutlery Drawer

I'm so excited to introduce you to my new series - 10 Minute Organization! This week I will be tackling the cutlery drawer to give you some ideas on how to quickly and effectively organize this small space!


  1. Timer - Phone, oven or egg - whichever timer works best for you grab it!
  2. A small to medium box - shoe box, basket - whatever you have accessible and easily within reach
  3. A garbage can or bag
  4. Optional - A good podcast - The Simple Sophisticate, Housewifery or The Dave Ramsey Show are my favorites! 

Let's Go!

  1. Start your timer! You've got 10 minutes to complete this task!
  2. Empty the entire contents of the cutlery drawer on to a work surface - kitchen counter or tabletop, or even the floor if that's the space you need.
  3. Clean the interior of the cutlery drawer. This includes any dividers you have, as well as the drawer itself. Give everything a wipe down to make sure there is no food or debris. 
  4. Replace the divider into the drawer and set aside.
  5. Turning your attention to the contents of the drawer itself, you are going to quickly go through each item and categorize them. All knives will lay with knives on the table, forks go with forks etc, etc. This also includes anything else you find in the drawer. Find a bunch of rubber bands? They would sit together. Random twist ties? Same thing. Keep working until everything has been categorized. 
  6. Go through each category. Starting with the main utensils that should live in a cutlery drawer - the knives, forks and spoons. Go through each one QUICKLY to see if any are broken, unclean, chipped or have outlived their use in your kitchen. Anything that is no longer useful - put it in the box. Anything that is broken and beyond repair - discard in garbage. 
  7. Place all used cutlery back into the cutlery drawer in their correct place
  8. Random piles - Quickly asses each random pile of 'stuff' you've found in the drawer. Do you really need a bunch of elastic bands? Decide quickly and either discard in the box or set aside to properly organize. Do you need a bunch of bottle caps? Probably not, they can be discarded in the garbage. Can opener? Yes, you probably want to keep that in the cutlery drawer so set that aside to go back in the drawer.
  9. Now working with what is left in the random piles, assess what needs to be placed back into the cutlery drawer. If you access elastic bands in your cutlery drawer, and you use them regularly, they would need to go back in the drawer. If you want twist ties to live in the cutlery drawer then they need to go back as well. Ask yourself "What can I use or repurpose to serve as a home for this object?" My go to is always ziplock bags, but small containers, cups and even pill cases (for those extremly small items!) will work here! Find something that you can store each group of random objects so they don't become loose inside the cutlery drawer and easily accessible. 
  10. Place random grouped objects back in the drawer in their new home
  11. The items in the box will be donated to charity. Either combine them with a bag that you are adding to, or start a bag or box to take to whichever charity you donate to! 


At the end of this exercise you should be left with a clean, simple and organized cutlery drawer! 

Simply Yours,