An Easter Craft Box
I am SO incredibly thrilled to be able to share my friend Charlene's post on how to create an Easter craft box! Whether you are creating something wonderful with your kiddos or are looking for some crafting inspiration for yourself, this post will inspire you to create!

Last year I created  'A Christmas Craft Box' for my kids and it was a hit - keeping them busy during the Christmas holidays. Everything they needed was in this little box. So I have decided to do the same for Easter and make An Easter Craft Box. 

I recently found a bunch of Easter supplies I had bought on clearance last year and some other items (like cardstock) to add to the craft box. The only things I bought this year was the shredded paper and a roll of activities/colour pictures, both from KMart and the storage container for under $10, the rest were all on clearance for $1 or $2. 

Easter Craft Box 

- Supplies -

  • Easter Character Activity Packs - includes pompoms, Easter card shapes, stickers, feathers, sequins, googly eyes and crayons.
  • Adhesive Easter Shapes - foam fun assorted shapes
  • Easter themed stickers
  • Bunting (for home decor)
  • Shredded paper
  • Coloured cardstock + paper
  • Glue & Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly (moving) eyes
  • Colour in Roll - includes colouring pictures and Easter theme activities (for older kids.) 

Our craft supplies are all stored in a Sistema 7.9 litre container*, it includes a storage tray - perfect for keeping all your supplies organised. 

*Purchased from The Warehouse (NZ)

I am looking forward to sharing this Easter Craft Box with the kids! I'm thinking of making some play dough too for them to decorate. 

Here are some more photos of our Easter Craft Box, to hopefully inspire you to make your own for your family this Easter. Best of all, having it all in one storage container, you can take it anywhere and store it away, ready for next year. Have fun & Happy Easter.

Please note: Adult Supervision at ALL times. Small parts included (Choking Hazard)

The bags of shredded paper were $2 each,  and these is A LOT in there, so I decided to pull a bit out from each colour and put it in snap lock bags, and save the rest for later (if needed).

Here are the some of the examples from the activity packs I bought. Super cute! My toddler is going to have a blast getting creative and so it Miss B. 

Easter Craft Box

- Organisation -

This beautiful individual is the creative woman behind 'Teacher by trade, Mother by nature' - Charlene! I stumbled upon Charlene's Instagram account when I first started An Organized Life and I instantly fell in love with her. Her Instagram and blog are full of creative ideas, organizational projects and all around positivity!  She is definitely a kindred spirit and I am so incredibly thankful to her for sharing this inspiring post!

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