Monday Communiqué: 04/10/17

It's a brand new week and a perfect time to tackle your goals! Do you prepare a to do list a the beginning of each week? I do one usually on Sundays that is added to as I go through my week on Google docs. What do you use to keep track of your important tasks?

On the Blog this week

First off, my apologies for not posting the '10 Minute Organization' last week. As you (maybe) know, I was feeling quite under the weather for pretty much all of last week and needed to really focus in on family and self care to get myself better! I'm happy to say that I am on the mend and amm getting back on schedule!

Wednesday I will be sharing a fantastic post from guest blogger Tara Ray ( on clutter free gift giving. This article is FULL of amazing ideas for showing the love through experiences, consumables and gifts of service! Check back Wednesday afternoon for the full article!

I will (fingers crossed!) be uploading a couple of more posts that I'm keeping as a surprise, so be sure to check out Facebook or Instagram for those go live!

Inspirational Reading

Leo Babauta's is one of the first minimalists I stumbled upon (a very very long time ago) when I was researching what it meant to follow a minimalist lifestyle. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of watching his site change design and become more streamlined, I've devoured each and every one of his blog posts and found massive amounts of inspiration to help me in my everyday life. His most recent blog post "Three Practices for the Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious" is, as usual, an amazing read. I thought I would share it with you incase you were feeling any of these emotions, as we all sometimes do.

Change a Life

I'm sure, if you are on Facebook, you have seen the viral video of Rob Scheer sharing his story of his life as a foster child and becoming a foster parent himself (note: this video discusses physical, emotional and sexual abuse and can be a trigger to some people.) Rob Scheer wants to make sure no other child in the foster care system in America has an experience like the ones he and his children had, so he created 'Comfort Cases'.

An excerpt from their site explains their mission:

Thousands of children enter the foster care system each year. Most carry little more than the clothes on their backs. We founded Comfort Cases on a mission to provide the essentials to these brave children on their journey to find home.

I think this charity is just amazing, and encourage you to check it out and learn more about what they are doing to help change so many children's lives. 

Monday Musing

Hesitant to hit the 'Contact' button?

I've gotten a couple of comments on both Instagram and Facebook from people that are feeling hesitant to contact me to ask me questions, which I thought was crazy, so I thought I would address that fear here.

If you're looking for advice, someone to bounce an idea off of, motivation, organizational tips or what have you, you can absolutely contact me. There are two things you need to know:

  1. It doesn't cost you anything - A couple of weeks ago I decided to not go forward with personal organization, and therefore removed that option and information from my site. I feel that it's not the direction that 'An Organized Life' should going in, and wanted to just let the blog be a growing community. That being said, I love to help and will absolutely try and help you out if I can! Sometimes it may take me longer to get back to you, but it's usually because I have a little girl needing my attention. Dave Ramsey likes to say on his Podcast "The advice is only worth what you paid for it" so just keep that in mind lol!
  2. I'm not judging you - Sometimes people are afraid to ask for help or advice because they think they will be judged. I'm not going to judge you for a question or for asking for help with something. Be proud of yourself for searching for answers to something you may be just learning about! Celebrate that! And know that I'm over here on my computer or cell phone celebrating right along with you!  

I encourage you to always search for the answers to your problems, look for solutions and when you can't find it by yourself and always seek out people that can help you.

Your's at (literally) the click of a button,