Time to Clean!

When you know exactly how long it will take you to perform certain tasks those tasks become easier and (in some cases) faster. For me, knowing exactly how long it will take to perform my tasks in my cleaning schedule and daily to-do list allows me to never feel rushed, unprepared or unorganized. When you can see the amount of time you need to devote to a task, it becomes more realistic to achieve. 

I encourage you for the next week to time yourself when you're performing your cleaning tasks and see just how long it takes to accomplish them. Don't rush, but instead take your time. Get the max amount of time you will know it will take to perform that task. Then, as soon as you have completed your timing, write it down in a notebook, on the fridge, computer etc. so you can refer to it each week. 

Below are my times for cleaning our home each week. To give it context, we live in a 4 bedroom home with 3 baths, kitchen, living room, den and office. 

Cleaning Bathrooms - 40-50 minutes

  • Clean mirrors - Windex and newspaper 
  • Wash countertops and sinks - Mr. Clean, toothbrush to scrub around drains
  • Wash showers and bathtubs - CLR and Mr. Clean
  • Wash floors and baseboards - Mr. Clean

Dusting - 10 minutes

Ironing - 15 minutes

Washing Floors - 15 minutes

  • Mopping all hardwood surfaces (kitchen, office and landing) - Mr. Clean, Mop & Bucket

Vacuuming - 20 minutes

Appliance Maintenance - 30 minutes

  • Dishwasher - Filter is taken out, cleaned and replaced. I then use a bowl full of vinegar and run the dishwasher on a short cycle. I usually only perform maintenance on my dishwasher once a month since I don't use it more than 2 or 3 times a month. I then wipe down the inside of the dishwasher with a dry cloth when it's finished the cycle. 
  • Sink and Garbage Disposal - The plug is taken out for the garbage disposal side, given a cleaning and set to one side. I then pour baking soda in the garbage disposal and in the other side of the sink's drain and let it sit. Taking a toothbrush I scrub along drains, on the seal between the counter and the sink and the faucet. I then spray with a spray-bottle full of vinegar and let the foaming reaction take place. I then use vinegar (that I used to clean the kettle and coffee maker) and pour it into the garbage disposal and other side of the sink. After the foaming action has been completed, I rinse the entire sink with warm water. Next I fill the garbage disposal with ice, reattach the plug, run a trickle of hot water into the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. The ice sharpens the blades and the hot water makes it easier for the ice to melt. I then blast the garbage disposal with water while it's still running to rid any excess waste. Finally, I use frozen pieces of lemon and place them in the garbage disposal. Running hot water (again) I turn the garbage disposal on and allow it to run.
  • Coffee Pot - To clean the coffee maker I pour about 1 cup of vinegar in the reservoir. Then I switch on the coffee pots "self-clean" function and allow it to do the work. After it's completed, I pour the used vinegar down the kitchen sink to activate the baking soda. I then run clean water through the coffee pot to get rid of any residue. 
  • Kettle - I pour about 1/2 cup of vinegar in the kettle and let it boil. I then use that vinegar to pour down the sink. I then pour about a cup of clean water into the kettle and let it come to a boil again.
  • Stove Top and Oven - I remove the iron burners from the stove and place in soapy water in sink to wash and set aside. I then spray on Method All Purpose Spray onto the stove top itself and let it sit for about 2-3 minutes, then simply wipe away any grease or grime with my microfiber cloth. I use the same spray on the front and inside of the stove, wait 2-3 minutes and then wipe clean. 

Meal Planning - 10 - 20 minutes

  • This includes finding any new recipes that I would like to try out for the week. 
  • Using my recipe binder to find recipes for the week
  • Writing out grocery list to correspond with meals

Grocery Shopping - 30 - 45 minutes

  • Most of my time is spent in the fruits and vegetable aisle. 
  • I send my Husband and baby girl out with their own cart to gather other supplies like meat, coffee and cheeses. 

Meal Prep - 1 hour - 2 hours

  • This includes washing and chopping all vegetables and fruit to prepare them for meal prep and storage.
  • During this time, I go recipe by recipe and prepare any ingredients that I can. Ingredients are then stored in Ziploc bags with the weekday printed on them. 

Do you know how long it takes you to complete your weekly tasks? Comment below and let me know! I like to try and race my time to see if I can cut it down a bit. Any additional time left over after my cleaning schedule has taken place means more time for me to sit and read one of my books!

Sparkling clean,