Monday Communiqué: 06/26/17

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe that another weekend has gone by and I'm sitting at my desk with a coffee on a Monday morning! What did you get up to this weekend? Did you find some time to relax? To read a book? To organize something? comment below I'd love to know! 

On the Blog

Wednesday - I am BEYOND thrilled to be sharing a post I've been working on for a while - my top 4 recipes for easy meal prep! These are our families 4 favorite recipes and their ingredients are incredibly easy to prep ahead of time! So excited to share these with you! 

Friday - Self-care has been the topic of a lot of conversation in the last couple of months and I am jumping right on that bandwagon. On Friday I'll be discussing how to weave self care into your day, find small moments to give yourself and end your day feeling rested and fabulous.  

Podcast Love

The Simple Sophisticate - The long anticipated Q&A episode with Shannon is now available! I'm beyond excited to listen in to this episode of my favorite podcast! 

New Apps! 

I've discovered two new apps that have literally made my day!  

Note that these are unsponsored! I really love and use these apps almost daily and want to share them! I'll always let you know if something is sponsored =)

Mush - Mush is making an appearance into the United States and I'm so excited! Mush originated in the UK and has been spreading across North America like wildfire! The Mush app connects moms to other moms in their area. Simply by answering a few questions: how old your child is, what you're interested in, that your parenting style is like etc, Mush searches its database and fines moms in the area that are looking to set up play dates and make new friends! Love this app and love the community that it brings! - I got hit up on Facebook for this app and I thought to myself "yah, I guess I'll see what its all about". is a baby sitting, nanny, general help app that hooks up families looking to hire help to caregivers in your area looking for jobs. People. I can't even describe how awesome this app is. I's like Tinder for help around your house. Although the app is slightly costly (for a monthly membership the app is $54.00 per month and then has a sliding payment scale to encourage you to stick with the app longer) it is beyond worth it. I was able to find, interview and hire several baby sitters in my area at a super reasonable cost. You can try it for free and then sign up if you like the look of it! 

Podcast Love

The Simple Sophisticate - The long awaited Q&A episode with Shannon Ables has finally arrived! I'm so excited to dive into this episode, it promises to be amazing! 

An Organized Life Book Club!

If you haven't been on Instagram or Facebook recently you may have missed my announcement of a very bright and shiny book group that I've started with my friend Alexis at @harlowand ava ! Alexis and I wanted to  share our love of the "Murder, She Wrote" series and find other people that also love Jessica Fletcher and her ability to always find her way into the middle of a murder. If your interested in the book series (or TV series!), are looking to join a book club or are just looking for a fun community join us


I wanted to give a huge congratulations to my friend Lucie at @luciegumise on the arrival of her beautiful baby girl, Amari! Beautiful mama and beautiful baby girl! Congrats Lucie!

Another huge congratulations goes to my friend @onawhim_sparkjoy on the arrival of her baby girl!  I'm so thrilled for you my friend! 

Shout Out!

I've missed doing shout outs! I used to do them all the time and then somehow I forgot to (I'll blame Amelia lol)  

Huge shout out to April Canterbury - Thank you so much for all your support on the Facebook page! I love all your comments and your friendship <3  

Big shout out to Mika Jansen (@miekajansen on Instagram) for being a new follower and also joining our book club! (Also love your glasses girl! ) 

My Weekend in Pictures! 

Normal, I would end my "Monday Communique" with pictures from our weekend, however this weekend I spent a bit more time being present and a bit less time behind the camera on my phone! I did manage to snap this beautiful picture on a walk with my cousin on the way to the park! 

We enjoyed a lovely walk with my cousin Kelsey on Saturday evening! All the flowers are in full bloom in California and we're loving the weather! 

We enjoyed a lovely walk with my cousin Kelsey on Saturday evening! All the flowers are in full bloom in California and we're loving the weather!