Monday Communiqué: 08/21/17

Why, hello there Monday!

Another weekend has come and gone and as always, it seems to have gone by way too quickly! Saturday morning found us trying to figure out Amelia's nap schedule. We had a difficult time getting her to sleep for the last couple of days and half of me is wondering if she's trying to cut down to a one nap a day schedule. I would be panicking right now, but I had the foresight to plan for this eventuality! At the beginning of the summer I started a spreadsheet in Google for Amelia and my September schedule. I prepared two: one with two naps during the day and another schedule with only one nap during the day. Suffice It to say I am pretty pleased with myself for thinking a bit farther ahead and planning for this change! I'll be keeping an eye on her for the next several weeks to see if I can maintain her at 2 naps a day (which would be ideal!) but if things start to go sideways I'm ready for this challenge!

Below is a little snippet of my schedule spreadsheet!

PS I love you Google. 

PS I love you Google. 

On The Blog This Week

Wednesday - Wednesday morning I'm sharing a post I've entitled "Repas pour Bébés" that's full of meal inspiration for toddlers. After searching the internet for ideas on what to make baby girl, I developed a few quick meal ideas myself that (usually!) are fairly successful! 

Friday - I'm diving into the weekend by discussing ways to shake up your morning routine and add some new self care practices into your day! 

If You Missed It!

Last week I shared two new posts! One about the joys of preparing to travel, and the other about how to plan a family staycation! Check them out if you missed them and be sure to comment! (I love reading comments!!)

Podcast Love

There are so many amazing podcast episodes out right now that I am dying to jump into! I missed quite a few from our staycation week and I'm hoping to be able to catch up on them this week when running errands!

Goal Digger Podcast - Jenna Kutcher has several episodes I'm looking forward to catching up on! This morning she posted "Handling Anxiety and Creating Community" which sounds AMAZING. This girl is incredible. Always such a huge inspiration and driving force within the creative community!

The Simple Sophisticate - Shannon Ables is out with a new episode this morning entitled "The Secret Lives of Introverts: My Interview with Jenn Granneman". As an introvert myself I am super excited to listen in on this episode!

Wonderful Reading

A Mother Far from Home - I recently discovered this blog and I am pretty sure I'm a bit in love with Rachel. Her newsletters that arrive to my inbox are full of encouragement and seem to be always exactly what I need to hear. Today I'm sharing her blog post entitled "The Crucial Elements of a Rock-Solid Toddler Schedule" which seems super fitting for the stage of life I'm currently in. If you're a parent or a grandparent you should absolutely check out her blog! (be sure to stop by and say "HI!" as well!)

A Bun in the Evans - Caitlyn over at "A Bun in the Evans" had a recent blog post entitled "For Hire: Pregnant and Unemployed" which I think can resonate with a lot of working mamas out there! It is a peak inside this soon-to-be mom's struggle with her previous job and her journey in finding a new one while pregnant!

Ellie Mondelli - I've received quite a few questions regarding my approach to sinking funds, and lucky for all of us Ellie Mondelli has a blog post about just this topic! Check out Ellie's article "Everything You Need to Know About Sinking Funds" for some info and motivation regarding financial management. If you're not following Ellie on social media yet, do check her out! I can/t sing this girls praises enough.

Video's to Check Out

Do It On A Dime - New video is out from Kathryn at "Do it on a dime" entitled "GET ORGANIZED ON A BUDGET! Dollar Tree & Do It On A Dime Home Binder" which is incredible as ususal! Check it out for some frugal inspiration!

Happily A Housewife - I found a great video entitled "SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS | IN THE KITCHEN" from vlogger Samantha at "Happily a Housewife". Check out the video and her youtube page for some great tips and inspiration! 

Blogging Resource

I think that there are quite a few people out there in the communities that I'm part of that would like to start blogging! So, I thought I would add this topic to my Monday Post. If you are thinking about starting a blog I wholeheartedly encourage it! It's a wonderful way to document your thoughts, share journeys and meet incredible new people! 

Today the resource I"m sharing is Pexels. A free stock photography resource that you can download and use on any platform, without having to worry about permissions or copyright issues! If you're a blogger (future or present!) or just a lover of social media and want to up your game you should absolutely check out this website!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 4.10.45 PM.png

I hope you have a truly wonderful Monday and remainder of your week! I'm hoping to get a lot of writing done along with (quite a few!) errands! 

Happy Monday my beautiful friends,


Our Weekend in Pictures!

My favorite author -  Marie Kondo  - seem's to follow me everywhere! Snapped this picture at a store in Mill Valley that we visited over the weekend!

My favorite author - Marie Kondo - seem's to follow me everywhere! Snapped this picture at a store in Mill Valley that we visited over the weekend!

Small moments of beauty and simplicity!

Small moments of beauty and simplicity!

Incredible dinner out on Saturday night with my Husband!

Incredible dinner out on Saturday night with my Husband!

Stunning flowers on our family walk Sunday morning!

Stunning flowers on our family walk Sunday morning!

A couple of moments enjoying the sunshine!

A couple of moments enjoying the sunshine!