Repas pour Bébés

When Amelia began eating solid foods I scoured the internet looking for inspiration on what to feed her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I found some amazing ideas and implemented them immediately! Today I'm sharing a couple of meals I tried out for bébé Amelia in hopes of giving some inspiration for other mama's out there!

Things to Note:

  1. Sometimes Amelia doesn't eat her food, but instead enjoys hurdling it at the floor. I've come to accept that babies do that and don't take it personally (which I used to do!) and may or may not graze off of her discards.
  2. Any left overs that Amelia doesn't eat, I reuse for another meal (left overs that she hasn't thrown on the floor.) For example, if she doesn't eat all her grapes I'll save them and use them for dinner or for snack time. 
  3. Does she eat everything on her plate? No. Am I happy if she eats at least a couple of mouthfuls? Absolutely!
  4. I am in no way a dietician or pediatrician, and what I feed my daughter may in no way work for your family. Please take these posts as suggestions and not "must do's". Do what works for you and your child and don't get down on yourself about what other mothers are feeding their kids via social media. 
  5. No, I don't speak french! I just love everything french and I am definitely somewhat of a francophile!
  6. You're doing an awesome job as a parent. Just needed to put that here. 

Breakfast: Sliced cherry tomatoes, cut green grapes and waffles 

Breakfast: Mixed cut mango and blueberries, cubed round bread (cranberry), chopped chicken sausage and scrambled eggs with spinach. 


Breakfast: Chopped avocado, mango slice, strawberry slice, 1 scrambled egg (plain) chopped chicken sausage. 

Lunch: Cut blueberries, slice of cranberry bread and a souffle (one egg, splash of milk, spinach and a smidgen of cheese)

Lunch: Mango slices, gold fishes and quesadilla (tomato, cheese, spinach and red onion) 

Dinner: Mixed pineapple and blueberry with sliced dates, roasted sweet potato and carrots to make "fries", mini pizza cut into bite size chunks. Mini pizza is 1/2 english muffin, topped with tomato sauce, chopped tomatoes, red onion, spinach and cheese. 


Dinner: Slices of strawberry and one cherry slice, cheese dinosaur bites, sliced lupini beans, pinwheels (whole wheat tortilla, spinach, cream cheese mixed with sundried tomato)

What's your bébé's favorite food? Comment below I would love to know and implement it into our own meal planning!

Have a wonderful day friends,