Shake Up Your Mornings!

Sometimes, despite our best intentions of developing a morning routine we continually look forward to day in and day out, we sometimes may get a little bored. I know I've been there, so this morning I'm sharing some practices to add into your morning to help you out of the "AM funk" and back to your smiling, energetic self! 

5 Ways to Shake Up Your Morning

  1. Meditation - There are amazing apps out there for people just starting their mediation practice, or for seasoned meditators. I use the Calm app for my meditation practice. This app allows you to do open ended meditation, has guided meditation and many wonderful backgrounds and sounds.
  2. Exercise - spending even 5 minutes stretching will improve not only your morning, but your entire outlook on the day. 
  3. Lemon water - a great habit to cultivate is to start off your morning with a warm glass of lemon water. it aids digestion, helps balance the PH in your body and will brighten up any morning.
  4. Journaling - Whatever journaling may look like for you, try and incorporate it into your morning routine to add a bit of introspectiveness before a busy day! Gratitude journals, list style journals, mother journals - the list is truly endless! Check out Amazon for a great list of journals you can purchase!
  5. Shower + Coffee = Happiness - This is a fantastic way to greet the morning, especially if you're a new mom! When Amelia was first born, I got in the habit of taking a travel mug full of hot coffee in the shower and taking a longer than normal steam filled, coffee infused retreat (Usually my shower time is about 10 minutes, a "longer" shower to me is about 15 minutes, but well worth the additional 5 minutes with a coffee!)

No matter what you do, take time in the morning to take care of yourself. Even if it's as simple as breathing in the shower, find something that calms you and makes you feel ready for the day. What do you do for your morning routine? Share in the comments I would love to know!

Yours at sunrise,