A Stress Free and Organized Interview

Feeling prepared and organized for a job interview is crucial to a beneficial outcome. This morning, my friend Joanna joins me from www.thewinninginterview.com to discuss what steps you can take to make your next job interview organized and stress free!

Early Preparation  

Start with early preparation! Study the job specific’s in detail and pick out the key skills and competencies that are required for the job.  Come up with 5 or 6 interview stories (key achievements over the course of your career) that you can use to demonstrate you have the skills/experience they are looking for.  You need to go into depth here and include specific examples of what you did and what happened as a result of your actions.

Find out who will be interviewing you/how many people and ideally the type of interview that will be conducted (admittedly this is easier for internal interviews) – the fewer surprises on the day, the better!

Research the company and/or department in depth so that you can ask meaningful questions on the day and show your genuine interest in the company and the job.

Practice with a coach, friend, or colleague or even in front of a mirror so that you have ample opportunity to get feedback and tweak your answers.  Remember, practice makes perfect!

Plan way ahead of time how you will get to the interview, so that you are not worrying about this on the day of the interview.

Don’t make the success of the interview the only thing that matters to you – just think of it as an opportunity you have been given – you’ll get to meet new people (useful for networking) and  get to brush up your interview skills.

Try to apply for more than just one job – ‘have many irons in the fire’ – again to alleviate the feeling that this is the only thing that matters.

Prior to the Interview

  • Aim to arrive early so that you are not stressing about getting there on time.

  • Use visual imagery to imagine the interview going well, particularly just before the interview.

  • Get a good night sleep and a good meal.

During the Interview

  • If you are still feeling nervous when the interview starts, remember to breathe. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax.

  • If you can’t answer a question straight away, just ask for a minute to think about your answer.

  • If you think you may not have performed well at any point in the interview, try to stay positive. There are plenty more opportunities to impress the employer. Most interviewers are looking for evidence to show you can perform in the role, not to catch you out.

Please share your experiences below of how you like to get orgaized for interviews and stay stress free!

Joanna Brooks


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"I have over 15 years experience working with managers and executives in large international organizations across a number of different industries, with a heavy focus on Recruitment, Executive Development and Talent Management – identifying and preparing high potential individuals through coaching for key strategic positions.  I have conducted over 1000 interviews across a broad spectrum of fields so I have a good idea from a recruiter’s perspective of what they are looking for."