Importance and Benefits of Natural Light: Infographic!

Sunlight is a natural source of light which is extremely important for life on this planet. It has umpteen number of benefits, but in the modern world, where we are so accustomed to artificial lights, we rarely get exposed to the natural light. Be it home or office, we tend to block the natural light by either closing the windows or covering them with blinds and curtains, only because it disturbs us by glaring our computer or television.

There are two types of light sources that are available to us, one is natural while the other is arterial. The natural sources come from sun, moon, lightning, stars, and fire. The artificial sources come from candles, neon lamps, electric bulbs, fluorescent lights, phones, tablets, computers, etc. Although there are few benefits of the artificial sources of light, there is an equal number of harmful effects too. While the natural source of light has more benefits and less harm.

You can know all about the difference between the natural and artificial source of lights, their advantages and disadvantages, and some important statistics about natural light in this detailed infographic from CoolShutters. The infographic also offers some great tips on how to increase natural light exposure in your home. Hope it will help you have a bright and beautiful day everyday.

Natural Light info graphic