Stocking Stuffer Ideas: A Community Collaboration!

Is it Christmas yet?!

When I posed the question “What’s your favorite stocking filler at Christmas” on Instagram stories I did not expect such a massive response from the ‘Organized Life’ Community! Originally, I was going to share all these ideas on an Instagram story, however it seemed to me that all of these wonderful ideas needed to be saved in an accessible place so everyone could access it. Thank you to everyone that emailed in to answer my question! The result is an extremely comprehensive list of ideas for stocking stuffers and small gifts! Enjoy!

Stocking stuffers

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I’m excited to bring to you today the first ever community collaborated blog post: Stocking Stuffer ideas!

  • Beautiful stamps! They’re useful and feel like a treat - @listfulwistful and @lauraeligo

  • Scratch-off tickets, expensive snacks, kids flashcards or extra decks for adult card games - @alphabutlercharlie

  • Chapstick - @debtfreeinsunnyca

  • A beautiful lunch box - @mamasimplelife

  • Fruit, goldfish crackers, hair ties, barettes, socks, undies, nuts, applesauce -

  • Bath bombs and batteries (from the mom of 8 yer old twins!) - @debtshit

  • Fancy coffee beans and little golden books for the kids - @amberjborycki

  • Quarters for the laundromat - @lauraeligo

  • Hand cream, fluffy socks, chocolates, room sprays, blurays and books - @catherines_home

  • Trader Joes dark chocolate peanut butter cups - @brookeolsenconsulting

  • Hand cream, lip gloss, gum, tissues and cooking utensils - @jennykathy

  • Socks, headbands, small stuffed animals, lip gloss and tick tacks! - @kimberly_bianca

  • Tips to launch or bounce U, treats, Shopkins, lip balm, sanitizer - @ehayez

  • Gift cards - @laurenm_c

  • Candy canes - @jessicaarowlands

  • Socks. For reals. - @debtfreenapavalley

  • Face masks - @saskiavreeken

  • Magazines and good quality socks! - @farmgirlleah

  • Fun snacks and mini sized hot sauces from the World Market - @courtneymguinn

  • Nail polish, hair accessories, chocolate, Play-Doh - @howedebtfreefamily

  • An orange in the toe of the stocking! A favorite tradition - @kimmi_jai and @cavirginia

  • Local artisan bars of soaps - @kittiesmeowmeows

  • Candy, money in the bottom, cheap jewelry - @dawniem2005

  • Pieces that go with the larger gift, consumables like candy or chapstick and practical things like toothbrush and underwear - @megatran22

  • toothbrushes and toiletries! Saves me buying them through the year too! - @phoebe.noel

  • Flossers, beeswax lip balm, $10.00 target gift card, cuticle oil for the women. Wonder wafer car scents squares in leather scent for the guys - @mrsflyfly

  • Burts bees lip balm - @mikennagray

  • Good chocolate and fuzzy socks - @eebraunstein

  • Nail polish and Cards against humanity expansion packs - @alphabetresolution

  • New water bottle, earbuds - @glass_half_full_girl

  • Small denominations gift cards, fidget toys, local coffee - @breaththenewdirection

  • Fun toothbrushes, pastes, mouthwashes and fun bandaids and undies - @jacquelinepowers

  • Scratchers! Make for at least 15 minutes of enjoyment - @itsdanielleruiz

  • Cute stationary supplies, a lip balm or just candy - @flybabymrw

  • Portable phone charger - @katia.marie.c

  • Oranges, nuts, candy and toothbrushes - @mac4evr

  • Travel toiletries, sweets, hair accessories, nail polish, card games - @sme_cooks

  • None LOL - @dhuizenga

  • Lint roller, poo-pourri - @meg_brescia

  • Tiny kitchen utensils (spatulas, whisks etc) - @amandabarton16

  • Socks, lip balm, candies, mini alcohol bottles, mini anything - @avonlea_87

  • Socks, nail polish, small jewelry, face care or chapstick, ear buds, lotto tix, snacks - @perrytara

  • Something crafty - Kwikstix, markers, paints, stickers, coloring book etc - @ifwaters06

  • Nail polish, lip balm, hand lotion, candy and perfume - @daisy322386

  • Gift cards - @nardriasworld

  • Sour gummies, cracker jacks, clementines, wind up toys - @lisawick1958

  • We love bath bomb, socks, special candy or treats that you don’t normally buy, art supplies… - @stoneking78

  • Bubble bath, bath bombs, and bath paints for the kids on my list! - @perfectlyparismonica

  • Chocolate orange - @ashleekeech

  • I buy my son 1 good special ornament for the tree so when he’s older he has his own ones for his own tree - @handmade_by_fifi

  • My favorites are candy! - @themslockwood

  • Homemade “coupons” (for car washes, back rubs, dinner of choice etc) - @trinascurlz

  • Chocolate bars, organic toiletry products, sbux gift cards - @egfreeman7712

  • For kids - new art supplies like crayons, markers, etc. and a new coloring book - @briana_alana

  • Bath items face masks, lip balm, soap, chocolates, oranges, nuts. Reusable straw and utensils, dice, gift cards, spices, tickets fo events, Groupons, money - @amplifygrowchange

  • Books and an ornament for each kid that shows their intrests (well one!) for the last year - @mpollak83

  • Chocolate - @bacrmr

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