How Keeping Your Home Office Organized Can Improve Productivity

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of working in your pajamas and sipping a fresh cup of coffee, right? The rising popularity of remote work and home-based businesses has many perks, but only if you truly invest time and creativity into separating your personal from your professional life. It won’t turn out to be the most productive day if you keep being interrupted by your dog bursting into the room, or if you spend hours in search of one important document.

Enter: your clever design! From how you arrange the work station, to the way you manage your paperwork, you can increase your effectiveness by paying more attention to home office organization. Let’s see what you can do to use your office for inspiration!

A separate space

Take a look around at your current home office. Any personal belongings that may be keeping you away from work from time to time, such as your Kindle or even a TV set? Even if you can’t afford to turn an entire room into your office space, you should make sure that your designated work nook is truly a business-only area.

Using room separators is a great way to create a physical boundary and keep your personal clutter away.

Business is personal

On the other hand, a personal touch here and there can be a great source of motivation to finally pour your heart and soul into your most demanding project and wrap it up in no time. If you have certain certificates or diplomas you’re particularly proud of, keep them on the wall next to your desk. They’ll remind you of your skills and inspire you when you feel sluggish and unfocused.

Adding a photo or two of your loved ones is another way to infuse your work area with a bit of love. A few motivational quotes can also do the trick, so define what makes you tick and put it up to lift your spirits.

Family photos

Mind the paperwork

The most important ingredient for taking your own business seriously and creating a professional image for your future clients is to make it official. Once you decide to register a company to define your work and let the world know you exist, you have even more responsibilities and a reputation to uphold.

Make sure you pick a memorable name and publish your data online, as well as on your business cards for all those networking events. You’ll be considered a much more reliable business in the eyes of search engines and your customers down the road.

Mind the paperwork!

Have plenty of storage

Those who need to print their work, even if it’s just an occasional contract, will need a well-organized filing system. Using simple storage solutions such as vertical compartments or added drawers can help you prevent clutter on your desk.

The same goes for any other equipment you need to use on a daily basis. Whether you need dictionaries, various books, or digital gear, you need to know precisely where everything is at any given moment. No time to waste on searching for them every day!

Let there be light

Having a source of natural light near your work space can do wonders to transform a measly work day into an exceptionally productive session. It helps improve your mood, makes you more focused, and even gives your memory a boost. In fact, studies show that you can be 15% more creative when you’re exposed to sunlight!

If you’re easily distracted, make sure that your desk isn’t facing the window. Having it face the back is also not a good alternative as it may cause a glare on your computer screen. It’s best to place your desk in such a way that the window is on a side wall, giving you plenty of light without causing distractions.


Green up your space

Liven up your little work nook with a plant or two, and you’ll not only feel more comfortable during work hours, but your productivity will skyrocket. Greenery has the ability to purify your indoor air, giving you access to more oxygen and protecting you from pollution, which means better focus and clarity of thinking.

Green is a soothing color, and we respond well when in contact with nature, so you’ll be less stressed with a little oasis in your vicinity. This will make you far more productive during those challenging times.

A little can go a long way when you’re thinking of ways to boost your productivity and your energy levels at home. Make the most of these tips and keep finding new ways to update your little home office, and you’ll be able to help your business develop faster.

Emma Worden

Emma Worden is a startup funding consultant from Sydney. She enjoys reading and writing on different aspects of entrepreneurship, usually finance and marketing. If you want to read more of her work, you can find it at