April Dinner Menu

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This morning I’m sharing a list for my April dinner menu. If you’re curious to see my process on how I come up with meal plans, how I choose my recipes or just want to watch me have a coffee and discuss eating, then check out this post

dinner time with An Organized Life

April Meal Planning: 21 Meals 

Vegetarian (4)

  • Sweet potato healing bowl with broccoli or zucchini (Note: I just take out the rice and quinoa since we eat Paleo. Instead I add the zucchini or broccoli to round it out!) 

  • Green curry with spring veggies

  • Veggie stir fry over cauliflower rice (Note: i just do a super simple veggie stir fry with broccoli, sliced green and red pepper, sugar peas, sliced carrots and maybe some peas.)

  • Large mixed dinner salad (loaded) (Note: I basically just take as much veggies as I can and throw them in a salad with spinach. I ususally just drizzle with olive oil, or make a super simple vinaigrette with lemon!

Chicken (5)

Pork (4)

Beef (4)

Fish (4)

Note - I use dollar signs when a recipe may be more expensive then I’m using to spending on groceries!  

Direct link

Perfect Air Fryer Salmon

by Amanda Cooper!

salmon dinner
chicken dinner

What's on the menu at your house tonight? Let me know what your favorite recipe is in the comments!!

Happy Friday friends!

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