Q&A With Katrina Teeple from 'Operation Organization'

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I’m so excited to introduce you to my wonderful friend, Katrina Teeple! Katrina is the founder of ‘Operation Organization’, a wife and mother, an incredible dancer and an overall amazing human. Without further ado, lets jump into this months Q&A post!

‘Operation Organization’ is such an incredible and fast growing business, what propelled you into your career and launching your company?

I started Operation Organization 15 years ago when I was in my twenties, living in Los Angeles. So, it wasn’t really that fast, but we have diffidently grown! Now we are organizing in two major cities and considering a third location. When I started organizing in 2005, professional organizing was not as well known as it is today. There was no Instagram and YouTube had just been created. There wasn’t a certification program like there is today either. I was reading books on the topic and watching Bob Vela reruns on how to fix things, so I was prepared for anything a client needed. But... I did know one thing.  I loved to help people transform spaces and simplify their lives. I had been doing it for friends since childhood, so when realized I could create a career from it, that was it.  I literally decided in one week, went to the local court house and got a small business license. I decide things pretty fast. My first paying client was actually the guy that sold me a second cell phone to use a business phone at the T-Mobile kiosk in the Sherman Oaks mall. 

What’s your favorite thing to organize and why?

Right now I’m really into kid spaces. I find so many clients don’t blend the style of their kids’ play areas with the style of their home and I want to HELP make it look better lol! I love decluttering toys and visually reworking a space. I wish all toys were Swedish lol! 

Katrina Teeple: Operation Organization

What is the most common organizational challenge you encounter from your clients?

The people, not the stuff lol. We love our clients, but they can be one of our biggest obstacles. That is why it is imperative to gain a client’s trust in the first few moments of a session. We even work to gain a client’s trust in our first communications with them, be it email or a call from our office. It all boils down to gaining trust because if a client trusts you, they will be “helpable” and we want to help! 

How do you balance motherhood and family commitments with owning and operating your company?

I have help and have become an excellent delegator. I know that not everything I do has to be perfect, so that helps me let go. I also got to a place in my business before having kids where I could afford to hire help. We have a nanny Monday - Thursday 8:30am-3:30pm and during that time, I am very focused on work. I try not to work past 3pm, so I can pick my older son up from school and head home. I also take Fridays and the majority of the weekend to focus on my hubby and kids with a couple exceptions. I wake up before everyone on Fridays and work for an hour, so I can delegate to my office managers before the day starts since I won’t be working much on those days. Then, I work during Dean, my younger son’s nap on Fridays. To check in after my afternoons with the kids, I take 30 - 45 minutes, Monday through Friday (when my husband gets home from his job) to I tie up loose ends in another room or check in with my LA team before we have family dinner.

I also make sure I have at least three “magic moments” with my kids per day. This just means that the kids and I get lost in play or I give them my full attention to tell me a story or we cuddle on the couch before school. Something that will fill them up and fill me up too. These moments don’t need to be long. Even 10 minutes of undivided attention works! I could go on forever about this topic.

I also don’t believe everything needs to be in balance all the time. There will be periods of time you’re working more than normal. If you’re passionate about something, you need to do that something with the momentum you have for it and not wait for the perfect time. To create anything meaningful, you have to give it attention and this will pull you out of balance in another area of your life, but that’s ok. Pushing projects forward takes time and focus. When this happens, usually family time will get temporarily sacrificed. I notice when this happens and make sure to fill back in the areas where I’m craving balance.

Something that helps me tune into balance is a daily recharge and reset practice. I meditate everyday for 10 minutes in the early morning sun in my bare feet. It’s actually a practice call Grounding. I also do something to recharge during the day. Sometimes that is dancing in my bathroom or calling a friend.  Other days it’s getting a margarita and chips at lunch! Another day it could be walking by the lake, some quiet time for 20-30 minutes or an exercise class!

Katrina Teeple: Operation Organization

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Katrina Teeple: Operation Organization

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Q&A With Katrina Teeple from Operation Organization