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Senior Guide for Decluttering and Feeling at Home

Every stage in life has a different need in terms of organization. Your organized life in your 20's will be completely different when you're entering your 40's and again in your 70's. I strive to provide you content that I feel will help you at whatever stage of the organizational process you are in, including the different, beautiful, stages of life! This morning, I'm so excited to share a guest post by Alejandra Roca. Today, Alejandra is discussing how to declutter as a senior, moving to that next stage of organization in your life and how to help you're loved one enter this exciting new stage of their journey! 

The Art of Saying "No" and Why it Matters

Living a simple and organized life means that sometimes you need to say "No" to things that simply won't fit into it. This morning I'm excited to share a guest article from Krysta Manning from The Thoughtful Mum on prioritizing what's important in your life and becoming comfortable saying "No" and enjoying the freedom that saying that simple word brings. 

Evening Routine

One question I am asked fairly frequently on both Instagram and Facebook is to share my personal morning and evening routines. I thought I would start with my personal evening routine to hopefully give you some inspiration as you shut down for the night.