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When You are a Minimalist, but Your Partner Isn't: 5 Steps to Help!

To start out our new week I'm so excited to introduce you to the wonderful Jennifer Kokal! This morning, Jen is discussing what to do when you and your spouse don't see exactly eye-to-eye on minimalism and organization, and the 5 tools she uses to keep her space harmonious! Huge thank you to Jen for sharing this article with us!!

The Butler Rises

The topic of butlering and household staff has long since fascinated and intrigued me. About 3 years ago I noticed a trend: a rise in the addition to household staff to homes around both Canada and the United States. I was thrilled when I came across Heather on Instagram, a certified professional Butler! In this special guest post, Heather discusses how she found this unique career, and four key lessons she has learned so far! 

Becoming Organized Part One: Primary Function

It is my belief that the first step in truly becoming organized is looking around your home, at each individual room, and identifying that room's primary function in your life. I believe that to truly become organized and live a simple life, you must understand, embrace and then design each room to fit its own unique purpose and function.  Only then will items become organized, find a home and truly make each space a sanctuary.